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Managing Reviews on Yelp

April 7, 2017 · SwiftPet in Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare, Reputation Management, Reviews

Positive recommendations on Yelp can lead to increase in revenues for your pet boarding business. But what happens when your business gets a negative review? or several? Bad reviews can really hurt your businesses’s reputation by showing up when potential customers are searching online.


Yelp relies on an algorithm that determines which reviews will be published on a business’s page. Even if a review (Good or Bad) is flagged by Yelp, it still appears in a “filtered” section that is accessible by readers. While these reviews may not make it to the page, they can still have an impact on that reader and ultimately the decision they make to visit or buy from your business.


So, how do you deal with negative reviews? Here are a few steps that you can take to handle negative reviews on Yelp.



1. Stay Positive: It is human nature that when a negative review is written about your business, you react first without understanding the reason behind the review. Take a step back and read the review a few times before even conjuring up a response. More importantly, take the emotion out of it and focus purely on factual information. In essence, treat your response in a similar fashion as if the customer where at your front desk talking to you face-to-face.


If you find that you are not able to take the emotion out of the response, let your manager or someone else help you come up with a response. After all, the objective is to address the issue with a positive outcome that satisfies both you (the business) and the customer.


2. Respond Diplomatically: Remember that your response on Yelp has an equal if not more of an impact on the reader. Responding in a civil and professional way can not only help address your clients issue (good or bad) but also show potential customers that your business values its customers’ feedback. For more sensitive issues you can also respond privately showing a more personable approach. In either case, an action is always better than ignoring a review – and that goes for positive ones too. A thank you can go a long way to build brand loyalty!


3. BE CONSISTENT: Often we forget that your business reputation is always being challenged online. If you provide a service, which most of you do, then you have to be more PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE in the way you are managing your online reviews. This also goes for social media. Being consistent also provides ample learning opportunities for you and your staff. It can be a great exercise in understanding how to build a better brand that customer will continue to love.


What steps are you taking to ensure that your pet boarding or doggy daycare business is being proactive in managing their online reputation?




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