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Truly Automated Marketing

SwiftPet™ helps you find and retain more customers 24/7, 365 days a year!

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New Customers

Repeat Business

Why SwiftPet?

Our software helps you connect with thousands of customers in your area looking for pet care services. We help increase revenue through our automated and targeted marketing solutions while increasing guest satisfaction and referrals after each visit. 

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Real Customer Data

When you understand your clients better than your competition, you win. Our platform helps you uncover lost revenue opportunities and recognize your clients for their loyalty and reward them for it.

Anne Wiskerson

Pet Name: Bailey


Phone: 712-751-1234

    • 4 Reservations
    • 20 Nights
    • $3,102 Spent

Ian Tomas

Pet Name: Sam

Phone: 789-757-1234

    • 7 Reservations
    • 22 Nights
    • $3,502 Spent

Mark Stevenson

Pet Name: Freckles

Phone: 789-757-1234

    • 8 Reservations
    • 18 Nights
    • $2,232 Spent

Customer Acquisition Solutions

Statistics show that 78% of your website visitors leave without calling or completing your contact form. That’s where our software comes in. Our platform has been proven to help you capture and convert more website visitors online and via mobile helping you recover lost revenues.

Service Reminders

Significantly reduce cancellations and no shows through real time email notifications with customer confirmations.

Anne Wiskerson

Pet Name: Bailey


Phone: 712-751-1234

  • 4 Reservations
  • 20 Nights
  • $3,102 Spent

Anne Wiskerson

Yes, ill be there.

Reputation Management

Collect real customer feedback during each visit and showcase how great you are.


Monitor what your customers are saying iand receive instant alerts when its time to respond.

Respond & Resolve

Respond and Resolve your customer’s feedback the moment you receive it. 

Improve Guest Satisfaction

Reach new customers and increase revenues through positive feedback and ratings. 

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Hosted Review Widget

Collect and Display REAL customer reviews directly on your website for potential customers to see.

Amy Nichols

April 6, 2016

As the founder of Dogtopia, we found it very important to maintain regular contact with our customers. The more we communicated and shared with them (photos and videos were their favorite) the more they shared and recommended us to their friends. Word of mouth and personal referrals were our number lead source for new customers. All of that being said, we did not have one integrated platform and found it difficult to provide consistent communication and outreach. We could save countless hours and grow our business more quickly with the SwiftPet platform.

Cristian Thompson

April 6, 2017

SwiftPet is the software that my business needed a long time ago. The value in being able to keep my customers up to date about their pets in an easy way is priceless! My favorite feature by far is the ability to get personal referrals from customers through social sharing without spending a dime on advertising. I can’t say enough of how valuable this software is to my business. Can’t wait for the app to launch as well!


Measure and analyze your return on investment with real time social metrics and marketing data.

Social Sharing Campaigns

Marketing Results

  • Reviews 150

  • Referrrals 296

  • Bookings 354

  • Shares 170


Potential customers are 90% more likely to use your business services if they received a referral from a trusted family member or friend. We give your customers the ability to refer your business online with friends and family. The power of word of mouth has gone social.

Marketing Campaigns

Build, launch and optimize marketing campaigns on the go.

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Thank and reward loyal customers with personalized messages.


Upsell and convert more customers with direct offers and incentives.


Automated customer retention messages to increase repeat visits.

Coming Soon!

Launching soon.

PupDates™ Apps – Personalize the way your business engages with customers before, during and after each visit!

    • Receive instant check-in/check-out notifications 
    • Send personalized photo, video and text PupDates™
    • Upsell Services and Increase Revenues
    • Push Notifications – Send Deals and Promotions via text
    • Surveys, Referrals and Social Sharing