Frequently Asked Questions

The best marketing solution to start or grow your pet business.

What is SwiftPet and how can it help my pet business grow?

It’s more expensive to find new customers than it is to keep existing ones happy. SwiftPet helps you attract, engage and retain customers (new or existing). We help you manage what customers say about you online, respond in real time, display positive feedback on your website and convert customers by up to 65%. Still need convincing? Request a demo today!

How much does SwiftPet cost? Do I have to sign a contract?

We offer a low monthly or yearly subscription depending on the size of your business and your marketing needs. The service is month to month with no contracts. We are confident that once you see the benefits and ROI of our marketing software, you will continue using it for a long time.

What is reputation management and why is it important?

What people say about your business has gone beyond word of mouth. With so many online review platforms, it can be hard for any consumer to tell why a person wrote a bad review about you. By the time you react to a bad review, it may be far too late. Our platform helps you monitor and react to reviews in real time. We also help you collect more positive reviews and help you display them on your website. This feature alone can result in an up to 65% increase in service requests!

What is the Review Widget and how does it work?

SwiftPet automatically collects reviews from real customers that have used your business services. We then give you a hosted page to prominently display your reviews to potential customers. We help keep customers on your website.

What is the PupDates® app and when is it launching?

Our team is hard at work developing the PupDates™ App and anticipate a launch end of 2018. The app will be the first solution built to help you promote to, manage and engage customers before, during and after each visit.

I own and operate several locations. Can you support them?

Our software was built to support 1-1,000+ locations. Each location will have its own unique admin access however the data will easily sync among all locations.