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Catering to Millennials in Pet Care

September 20, 2018 · SwiftPet in Digital Marketing, Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare, Marketing Tips, Marketing Trends, Pet Sitter, Social Media

According to the American Pet Products Association, millennials are now the primary pet parent demographic, overtaking baby boomers. Rather than starting families, millennials are instead opting to adopt a pet to satisfy their care taking needs. Given their growing prominence in the pet industry, many pet businesses will have to find ways to cater to this very conscientious demographic. Research shows that millenials are more interested in a greater scope fo products and services but are also interested in learning about them through social media sharing (the new word of mouth).


So how can your ensure your pet care business caters to this demographic? 



Millennials have grown up and matured with mobile technology and expect to be able to use it in their everyday life. Whether it be making purchases, ordering food, posting on social media or scheduling services, this is the norm. The convenience of a mobile experience can pay dividends for pet care companies seeking to reach this demographic. Likwise, by not catering to this growing audience, pet care providers can lose the chance at getting a new customer simply by not taking the necessary steps to capture them. So, what can you do as a pet sitter, dog walker, pet hotel/resort or groomer?


  1. Modern Website–  Nothing is worse than a website that doesn’t function well or is outdated. It gives the sense of “not caring or lazy” when it comes to taking care of their four legged best friends.
  2. Mobile Optimized – If your website is not mobile friendly, make it! Online and mobile channels are important to Millennials, providing the information and insights they need to find the best products and services.
  3. Secure – Having a secure site is critical to making buying decisions. Keeping up with the online shopping trend, millennials are savvy shoppers and are serious about protecting their personal information.
  4. Easy Scheduling – Lenghty online forms, voicemails and emails are no longer an acceptable form of scheduling. With so many on-demand services such as DogVacay, Rover, SitterCity, Wag! and many more, pet parents flock to these services for its ease of use and accessibility.



Studies have shown that millenials can be exceptionally loyal customers when it comes to the products and services they use. However, they can also disengage with your brand should they feel that haven’t been treated right. 

When it comes to millenials, personalized service are an important aspect that helps drive loyalty. Unlike other demographics, millennials seek to connect with brands that they trust. Thus, loyalty is created and largerly driven by the service, marketing and promotions provided by the brand.


  1. Do they know my name?
  2. Do they reward me for my loyalty?
  3. Do they know my pet’s name?
  4. Do they make me feel special?

These are all questions that millennials ask when it comes to brand loyalty. While their are many facets that determine loyalty, this demographics is in tune with letting their emotions drive their decision making.



Millenials, just like many shoppers today, read online reviews prior to making a purchasing decision. They want to know that the brand they are buying services and goods from is one that is trustworthy and worth their loyalty. This especially considering that many millenials, 65 percent to be exact, like and follow brands on Facebook or Twitter.


When it comes to what others are saying about your brand, millenials pay extra attention to these reviews. Key indicators for millenials include; service, transparency, response time and even product/service messaging. If your pet business is not pro-active in catering to your social media audience, you are most likely missing out on potential sales.


We all heard it before; service above everything. Millenials are a differnt breed (pun intended) of customer. They take pet parenthood to another level. They care deeply about their four legged best friends and want nothing but the best for them. Catering to this audience means that your business will have to be more “aware” of your online presence and reputation. Tools like SwiftPet can certainly help you keep a pulse on your business while providing you the tools to, attract, engage and retain more customers!


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